Bendis On Reviving Jinxworld, New Collaborators & His DC Comics Imprint

Overall, what's the thing that no one knows about your DC deal that you're most excited to get out and into the world?

Oh, it's the imprint! We've got the imprint coming from DC later this year that Alisa, my wife, and I are curating. It's a handful of books – some of which I'll be doing, but I'm also bringing in creators that I love. Some of these are people I've never worked with before. Some of these are people who were shocked to find out I knew their name. And we've gotten the greenlight on the books.

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It's an imprint that will be very different from the others at DC. It's very different from Young Animal. That was a specific voice. Ours is going to have a specific voice but be more mainstream in a way. The artist I'm working with on that book is another person I've never worked with, and it's someone where when I told people... I'll say this: when I told Matt Fraction who was drawing this book, he went, "Shut the f---!" [Laughter] People have been talking about Superman, but this is really exciting. I know I sound like a vague, hypey person, but that's all I can say for now.

But it all speaks to the partnership. As great as Marvel was, I never even thought about doing something like this at Marvel. It's great that DC has this situation where certain creators can carve out a little corner and express themselves beyond their talents as creators.

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