Marvel Teases Brian Bendis' Final Miles Morales Story

Brian Michael Bendis has guided Miles Morales' adventures in the Marvel Universe across two universes, family deaths (and revivals), and two team-ups with the original Spider-Man Peter Parker. After seven years, the prolific writer will say goodbye to Miles Morales in May's Spider-Man #240, after signing an exclusive deal with DC Comics to helm Superman’s new adventures.

Bendis' farewell will bring his multi-year run as Miles' primary storyteller to a close, while also setting the web-slinger up for a future post-Bendis. The most recent issues of Spider-Man, the Spider-Men II miniseries and the Generations: Miles Morales Spider-Man and Peter Parker Spider-Man one-shot have seen Miles begin to question whether or not he should continue being Spider-Man, which Bendis may give a definitive answer to in Issue #240.

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Part of Miles' self-discovery took him to Tokyo minus his costume, where he dabbled in the spy game while bringing down Tomoe, the Techno Golem. Miles' father Jefferson Davis was previously an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., so being a double agent may run in his genes. Another piece of evidence is the time-traveling mutant Cable seeing a bright future for Miles in the world of espionage.

Bendis has been writing for Marvel Comics for more than 17 years, beginning with the debut of Ultimate Spider-Man in 2000. Spider-Man #240 arrives in May 2018.

Check out the solicitation text, along with David Marquez's cover, below.


  • Cover by DAVID MARQUEZ
  • Marvel Comics proudly presents the final issue of Bendis’ epic (bio-electric) run! Over seven years and across two universes, Miles Morales has been an Ultimate, a Web-Warrior, an Avenger and a Champion. A New Yorker, a student, a son and a friend. And whenever the city needed him (and one time when all of reality needed him), he was always SPIDER-MAN. Don’t miss the chance to see comics superstar Brian Michael Bendis bid farewell to one of his most beloved creations, and to glimpse what the future may hold for Miles Morales.
  • 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

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