Bendis Teases His Final Marvel Comic


Earlier this month, it was announced that Marvel's Brian Michael Bendis would switch teams and head over to write for DC in an exclusive contract. Bendis has more or less made his career writing Marvel books for nearly 20 years, creating characters such as Riri Williams and Miles Morales, plus spearheading major events like Civil War II and Secret Empire. Today, he's announced that his final comic for Marvel will release in May 2018. 

Answering questions on his Tumblr, as he is wont to do, Bendis said it looks like he'll conclude his time with Marvel with the 600th issue of Iron Man, which he currently writes. (Solicits for Marvel's May 2018 books has yet to be released.)

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"Not only am I writing issue 600 of Iron Man, but it is a substantially larger issue, and I think it will actually be my last Marvel comic," the writer stated. "In many ways and on many levels… it’s kind of the perfect end to my Time."

Combined with the fifth issue of the Spider-Men II miniseries and Spider-Man: Miles Morales' 240th issue, he considers the three books to be his "final thesis statements" for the House of Ideas. He concluded his statement saying he's "insanely grateful to Tom [Brevoort] and everyone at Marvel for going with the flow and letting me land with grace and style."

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In addition to Iron Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Bendis currently writes two other books for Marvel: Jessica Jones and The Defenders. Jessica's solo book is already confirmed to have a female writer take over following his departure, and Riri and Miles will be sticking around as well under new creative teams. Defenders' post-Bendis fate remains unknown.

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