Bendis Explains One of the Major Changes He's Made to Superman's Mythos

If you've read Superman #1, you might have noticed a big change to a huge part of Superman history: the Fortress of Solitude has a new home.

The events of the recent Man of Steel miniseries saw a number of world-shattering changes to Clark Kent's legacy. Lois Lane and Jon Kent went off with Jor-El on an adventure to explore the universe, the last bastion of Krypton, Kandor, was destroyed, the hero's arctic hideaway was razed to the ground -- and these are just part of the big changes Superman experienced.

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It's only fitting, then, that Brian Michael Bendis' and Ivan Reis' Superman #1 would "reboot" the Fortress in a sense, moving it from its sub-zero birthplace to the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. But why the change?

"We wanted something that was even more like when — when I saw the Fortress in the Arctic for the first time, it filled me with imagination," Bendis told CBR. "So we decided we wanted to do a new Fortress and I wanted. I want to feel that same imagination. We were inspired by everything from the first Superman movie, to Scott Snyder’s introduction of the Hall of Justice, to the way Paul Levitz beautifully unveiled the Legion of the Super-Heroes."

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As Superman treks forward in both Superman and Action Comics, Bendis promises that the new Fortress isn't simply located somewhere different; it's also packed with secrets.

"So this is goin to be a very exciting Fortress of Solitude with all kinds of cool new gadgets and, doors and fun stuff," he said. "So it’s a biiiiig House of Mystery. And it’s connection to [its new location] makes it a completely different structure than the one that was in the Arctic."

Superman #1, by Brian Michael Bendis and Ivan Reis, is in stores now.

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