It's Looking More and More Like Bendis Will Write Batman... and Plastic Man


Brian Michael Bendis has officially been DC Comics writer for a full month now, and we're no closer to learning about his first big project for the publisher. It has been announced that he will be writing a story for Action Comics #1000 in April, but there's still no word on what title he will be on on a permanent basis officially, at least.

If there's one social media platform that Bendis is known for, it's Tumblr. The writer/artist has made a habit out of highlighting some of the biggest and best characters and creators in the industry any chance he gets. While his posts may seem random and unimportant, there have been a few interesting patterns emerging over the last few months. This time around, he's teasing what appears to be a new Batman project, and it could involve Plastic Man.

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Asked on Tumblr if DC Comics will finally give him the opportunity to write that Batman/Daredevil crossover he's been wanting to do for years, Bendis teased some of his plans with the publisher. Instead of writing that crossover, he says he's going to write a Batman story that can be placed side by side with his Daredevil run, and the two will play off each other. While we doubt Bruce Wayne will get a new love interest, could his secret identity be exposed to the public?

Before anyone gets too excited, it should be noted that nothing about this is official. For all we know, Bendis is merely having fun with all of us. However, if you're bringing one of the biggest names in comics to the DC Universe, it makes sense to give him one of your biggest characters to play with. When it comes to Batman, though, the question is, where he will be telling his story?

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Since the start of Rebirth, DC has not launched many brand-new books (though of the few titles the company added to its initial lineup was All-Star Batman). And while Batman writer Tom King isn't likely to go anywhere any time soon. James Tynion IV may not be as securely locked in on Detective Comics. Since Tynion is expected to take on a new Justice League title after No Justice -- and this is just speculation here -- Tynion could conceivably be bringing his story about the Gotham Knights to a close in order to free up a title for Bendis to start his own run.

As for what Bendis might actually be bringing to his new Batman project, we're gonna guess the answer is Plastic Man. Another Tumblr user specifically complimented him on his ability to make lesser known characters look cool, and then asked for a hint about what he will be doing at DC. Bendis responded with a GIF from an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold featuring the Dark Knight, Plastic Man and Fire together. And while it'd be great to see Bendis take Fire's profile and launch it into the comic book stratosphere, our money's on a new storyline starring, or co-starring, Eel O'Brien.

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We've previously speculated as to whether Bendis' Tumblr page held any clues about what he would be working on at DC Comics. The biggest pattern that emerged was his recent tendency to post pictures of Plastic Man. Again, this is far from official, but it's clear that the writer has a lot of love for Plas. Given the character's current role in Dark Nights: Metal, and his inclusion among the cast of The Terrifcs, it would appear be the perfect time to get that Plastic Man story he's apparently been wanting to tell for years off his chest.

Plastic Man may not be an A-list superhero, but when it comes to Bendis, that's the point. Like many of the best creators in the business, he can turn unknowns into stars, and Plas is already a fan favorite, despite DC's reluctance to publish him until recently. Taken at face value, it looks like Bendis is planning to tell a story, or stories, about Batman and Plastic Man.

It's completely possible that we're very off when it comes to Bendis' plans at DC Comics. This could all mean nothing, or it could mean everything. Until then, we'll continue to pull out what little clues we have, you know, just like Batman does.

Oh, look at what he just posted...

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