Brian Bendis, Art Adams Launch Marvel's "Guardians Team-Up"

In February, Marvel's newest major franchise expands as Brian Michael Bendis launches "Guardians Team-Up."

Announced via USA Today, the upcoming series features a rotating roster of artists, with the first issue illustrated by the legendary Arthur Adams.

"Part of my uber-plan was to have the Guardians be more a part of the Marvel Universe and not off doing their own thing," Bendis told USA Today. "These aren't just fun adventures. These are going to be stories that matter to the team and matter to the cosmic landscape in general."

Among the potential pairings, Bendis and series editor Katie Kubert hint at Rocket Raccoon and Deadpool, Gamora and She-Hulk, and possibly even a little romance between Rocket and She-Hulk. The first issue features the entire Guardians team in a "massive" meeting with the Avengers, with Bendis teasing the return of a "fantastic" villain Marvel readers have not seen for a while.

And Bendis will share the storytelling opportunities generated by this title with other writers, as Sam Humphries will step aboard for Issue #3, a tie-in to the soon to launch "Black Vortex" crossover event.

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