Breyfogle 'Batman Beyond' original cover up for bid to benefit artist

To raise money to help in the recovery of Norm Breyfogle, who suffered a stroke last month, writer Adam Beechen is auctioning a piece of original cover art for Batman Beyond, signed by the veteran illustrator. Beechen and Breyfogle worked together on the digital-first DC Comics series.

The cover, featuring Batman and the Metal Men, was used for digital chapters 24-26 and printed in the 2014 collection "Batgirl Begins." Beechen purchased the piece from Breyfogle.

Famed for his stints in the late 1980s and early '90s, the 54-year-old artist was hospitalized in mid-December after suffering a stroke that paralyzed his left side, including his drawing hand. According to the online fundraising campaign launched by his brother Kevin Breyfogle and sister-in-law Wendy Wiegert, Breyfogle has no health insurance and a savings eaten away by his hospital stay, yet requires months of care and physical therapy at a nursing home.

The campaign has generated a little more than $75,000, well short of its $200,000 goal, leading Breyfogle's family to extend the effort for another month.

The opening bid for the cover art is $350, with all proceeds going to Breyfogle's continuing medical care. The eBay auction ends Jan. 30.

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