Brewery to redesign beer label over 'Powers' art similarities

A Canadian brewery is headed back to the drawing board after learning a label for its new line of comics-inspired beers looks a lot like one of Michael Avon Oeming's drawings from Powers.

The Surrey Now reports Central City Brewers in Surrey, British Columbia, will stop all shipments of Detective Saison -- the first in a series of beers intended to tell a larger story -- while the logo is redesigned. “I can tell you that we’re in a very awkward situation right now,” company executive Tim Barnes told the newspaper, while not commenting directly on the similarities.

The resemblance of Detective Sarah Saison to Deena Pilgrim of Powers was pointed out last week on Twitter by Myron Campbell, who teaches visual arts at the University of British Columbia Okanagan, after he saw the label in a store. "I thought, ‘Wow that kind of looks similar to Powers,’ and I did a quick search and it really is like Powers."

Really, really like Powers, right down to the jacket and the placement of the fingers.

However, Oeaming appears to take the matter in stride, tweeting, “Well, looks like I’m going to own a Beer company," before adding, "I'm kidding. But stealing art and copyright isn't very cool. Just ask."

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