Brett Ratner Seduces <i>Snow White</i>

Brett Ratner is producing The Brothers Grimm: Snow White alongside Bernie Goldmann and Ryan Kavanaugh for Relativity Media based on a script from Bill writer-director Melisa Wallack.

Ratner describes the "edgy 3D re-imagining" of Snow White as follows:

"This is not your grandfather's Snow White ... Melisa went back to the 500 year old folk tale and put in some of the things that were missing from Walt Disney's film. His dwarves were miners, and here they are robbers. There is also a dragon that was in the original folk tale. Walt made one of the great movies of all time, but ours is edgy and there is more comedy. The original, made for its time, was soft compared to what we're going to do."

"Edgy 3D re-imaginings" of fairy tales aren't entirely uncommon in this day and age, what with Disney and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland making bank at the box office earlier this year. Since then, Disney has put versions of Cinderella and The Great and Powerful Oz into development. A 3D Snow White update seems to follow that tradition — whether it's a tradition you're in favor of is another story entirely, particularly when the polarizing Ratner's name is attached to this project.

Source: Deadline

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