Brett Ratner In Talks To Adapt <i>Hercules: The Thracian Wars</i>

Brett Ratner and Hercules were sort of made for one another. The Greek demigod strongman and the Rush Hour director both are all about the action. You might remember that Ratner was pegged last year for a Hercules movie with Avi Lerner to produce. Don't confuse that news with what's being reported today. This is a whole new project.

Ratner is now in talks to take the helm on an MGM Pictures adaptation of Radical Publishing's comic book Hercules: The Thracian Wars, Vulture reports. The script, based on the Steve Moore-penned series, was written by Ryan Condal, who also has a credit on the script for Alex Proyas' action-driven take on John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost. The Radical property was previously up for an adaptation to be produced by Universal Studios, Spyglass Entertainment and Film 44, Peter Berg's company. Its co-CEO founders Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum are now co-CEOs at MGM, which explains the studio shift.

Note that Ratner is still "in talks," so nothing is confirmed. He's a divisive figure among moviegoers; some appreciate his glossy popcorn action, others loathe it. It didn't work at all on X-Men: The Last Stand, but to be fair, Ratner came fairly late to that project. Do you think he can do right by Hercules?

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