Brett Booth's Vegeta Sketch Is the Most '90s Thing Ever

Long live the Prince of Saiyans.

Comic book artist Brett Booth (Teen Titans, Backlash) has tweeted a sketch of Vegeta, the proud Saiyan warrior prince from Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Z. Booth's sketch shows the fan-favorite character preparing for battle as he powers up to earth-shattering effect while wearing his signature Saiyan armor.

First appearing in 1988's Dragon Ball Chapter 204: Farewell, Son Goku, Vegeta served as the first major antagonist facing Goku and the Z Fighters after the manga transitioned into what would later be rebranded as Dragon Ball Z for the anime.

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As the manga series continued, Vegeta would later become a begrudging ally to the cast while maintaining his feud with his arch rival, Goku, with occasional descents into villainy. By the end of the initial manga run, Vegeta settles down on Earth with his wife, Bulma, and has two children, Super Saiyan warrior Trunks and a daughter, Bulla.

Instantly a hit with fans of the manga and anime, Vegeta has appeared in both DBZ follow-up series Dragon Ball GT and the recently concluded Dragon Ball Super, as well as the majority of the spin-off animated films and video games, including this year's Dragon Ball FighterZ. Booth's sketch catches the Saiyan Prince in all his unbridled fury that has endeared him to millions of fans worldwide.

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