Brereton, Punisher, Dragon/Tiger, Fantastic Four and Blade III: C2F wrap for July 1, 2003


"It's Dan Brereton'sworld," says Circle of Confusion producer David Engel of the comic writerand painter whose quirky mix of horror and pulp action figures are about toinvade Hollywood. Engel tells us that he's got four of Brereton's projects inplay and all are garnering significant interest.

Brereton's flagship creation, "The Nocturnals" is finally heatingup as a viable Hollywood property.

"We're on theverge of closing a deal to partner with Lorenzo di Bonaventura," Engel toldComics2Film/CBR News.

Di Bonaventura was formerly president, worldwideproduction at Warner Bros. He vacated that position late last year in order topursue projects as an independent producer. Since then he has attached himselfto DC/Warner's "Constantine" and may now join "Nocturnals"as a producer.

Brereton's comic tells of a team of adventurers all of whom aredrawn from classic monster archetypes. It's been described in the past as"'X-Men' meets 'Sleepy Hollow.'"

AnotherBrereton creation, published a few years back by DC is "GiantKiller."Circle of Confusion is also shopping that project around.

"The book is hot and never beensold to Hollywood, so we're really excited about 'GiantKiller,'" Engel toldC2F/CBR News. Apparently the project has already gotten interest from severaldirectors whose names would be well known to C2F readers.

The book told of a portal that opens near L.A. allowing giant, Godzilla-sizedcreatures to come through. The U.S. government uses the monster DNA to engineer"Jack," as their agent to stalk and kill the creatures. But as Jackgets deeper into kaiju territory he realizes that his mission may not be assimple as it seems.

Brereton also recently completed the script for "Undeadly" withco-writer Jonathan Bresman. "Undeadly" is a kind of revamp of"The Warriors" with all the rival gangs being filled out bysupernatural creatures. It's a concept Brereton created for film, but willlikely see print as a comic as well.

Finally, Engel tells us that "The Psycho" is getting interest froma major studio. That comic represents some of Brereton's earliest work as anartist. He teamed with writer James Hudnall ("Harsh Realm") to createthe story of Jake Riley, a man forced to become the thing he hates: a superhumanagent in the service of the government.

Engel tells us to expect more Brereton news soon.


Sony is set to handle the international distribution rights for Marvel andArtisan's "The Punisher" according to today's Variety.

Legal issues with Marvel notwithstanding, Sony division Columbia TriStar FilmDistributor's Intl. has picked up the film's distribution rights to mostinternational territories. The only exceptions will be eightSoutheast Asian and Middle East territories, including China and India, whichwere previously sold to other outlets.

Artisan will, of course, distribute the movie in theU.S.


Action star and director Donny Yen will direct a comic based movie in Chinathis year. Varietyreports that Mandarin Films has tapped the veteran martial arts filmmaker tohelm "The Gate of the Dragon and Tiger," based on a long-running comicbook series.

Fans will remember Yen for his appearance as Snowman in "Blade II."More recently he played the heavy in "Shanghai Knights" and alsoappeared in the acclaimed martial arts epic "Hero."

No casting for "The Gate of the Dragon and Tiger" has beenconfirmed but cameras are set to roll in November.


An anonymous source for Corona/Cinescapereports that 20th Century Fox is eyeing Canada as a location for the upcoming"Fantastic Four" movie. The studio is allegedly looking to Toronto orVancouver, both or which served as locations for "X-Men" and"X2" respectively.

Corona vouches for their source, pointing out that he has a well-establishedtrack record with providing the site with credible information.


Fans who want to know everything about the soon-to-film"Blade III" can check out a script review at CreatureCorner. The horror site presents an in-depth look at David Goyer's finalchapter to the franchise that started the Marvel movie revolution.

The reviewis positive but contains significant spoilers.


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