Brenna Twohy's powerful 'In Which I Do Not Fear Harvey Dent'

Considering we featured a superhero-themed disco song this afternoon, it seems appropriate that we end the day with a bit of superhero-themed poetry. Yes, it exists.

GalleyCat notes that a video of Portland, Oregon-based performance poet Brenna Twohy reciting "In Which I Do Not Fear Harvey Dent" at the 2014 Individual World Poetry Slam has picked up steam online, and deservedly so. It's a powerful piece about living with anxiety -- here, equated to a superpower -- that incorporates Spider-Man, Aquaman and Rogue (and, well, Harvey Dent).

When Rogue found out what her touch could doto anyone who got close to her,she crafted herself a costumeto keep anyone from ever touching her skin.

You can read the poem on Twohy's blog, and watch her performance below.

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