Breitweiser, Gracia pay tribute to flatter Eduardo Navarro Lopez

The industry learned over the weekend through colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser that flatter Eduardo Navarro Lopez passed away Nov. 27 after a battle with cancer. He was 36 years old. The Guadalajara, Mexico-based color assistant had been undergoing treatment for cancer, but had continued to work until as recently as earlier in November.

Breitweiser has worked with him her entire career, as she noted in her post paying tribute to him:

Edo was The Best. Truly. So much so that for most of my career I refused to work with anyone else. It’s often said that colorists are the unsung heroes of the comic book industry, but any forthright colorist will tell you that it’s the industry’s color separators/flatters that are the real unsung heroes. Often working herculean hours to meet tight publishing deadlines right along side of the colorists; almost always with little to no recognition for their tedious and detailed work. Edo was my right hand man, my cheerleader, my one constant. So dedicated, so trustworthy, so incredibly skilled and intuitive in his contributions. He was a complete joy to work alongside and an exemplary example of a human being: always friendly, affectionate, funny, kind, hardworking and positive, even in the darkest hours. We quickly became friends, and Mitch and I counted him as a beloved and integral member of our comic book family.

Skaar Son of Hulk, Agents of Atlas, Hulk, Secret Avengers, Captain America, Winter Soldier, Batman LOTDK, Fatale, Velvet, Outcast and The Fade Out. If you are a fan of any of these books then you can thank Eduardo Navarro Lopez for helping them get on the shelves and into your hands.

ROBOT 6 reached out to Breitweiser for additional perspective:

We worked to together my entire career. In fact, Eduardo was a part of every single project I have ever worked on. ... My last work with him will be on the upcoming issue of The Fade Out. I received the last page I would ever get from Eduardo on the 21st. This book is going to be a tough one for me. I have his flats, but I haven’t started working on them yet.

The first issue of All New Captain America #1 included Navarro in the credits along with longtime friend and collaborator Marte Gracia. Gracia was kind enough to share his thoughts on the loss of his friend with ROBOT 6, as well as his hope that more people in the industry recognize the importance of flatters.

ROBOT 6 extends its condolences to Lopez's family and friends.

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