Breathed and USA Today return to Bloom County (and the '80s) [Updated]

To mark the release of Bloom County: The Complete Library, Vol. 2, from IDW Publishing, all this week USA Today has been reprinting select installments of the influential '80s comic strip, along with commentary from creator Berkeley Breathed.

Asked whether there were aspects of the era he wished he'd poked more fun of, Breathed responds: "Honestly, there are those that I wish I'd just ignored. As we edited the new volume of Bloom County cartoons, my editor had to constantly stop me from apologizing for every Michael Dukakis cartoon that I was contractually compelled to include. Those same editors wish me to quickly add that there really are far less Michael Dukakis cartoons than my whining might indicate and don't let that scare you off. I would only add that one is too many. Sarah Palin was born way, way, way too late. I get Dukakis."

(via The Daily Cartoonist)

Update: On a related note, IDW is selling a limited edition of Bloom County: The Complete Library, Vol. 1, with an exclusive sketch and signature plate.

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