Breaking Mark Waid Cable Television Reality Show Appearance News!

I really felt like I had to pass this on:

On Tonight! LA Ink vistis the BOOM! Studios office to talk to Mark Waid. It's don't miss TV!

Here's the full episode info:

LA InkComic ReliefTV-PG (DL)Oct 16, 10:00 pm(60 minutes)

Hannah attempts to transform the crew at the shop into larger than life comic book characters and meets with comics guru Mark Waid. Naheed has her work cut out for her with the serious business of managing the shop while trying to bond with the crew at the same time.

You can read more about it on Boom's blog, which even provides visual evidence of Mark Waid meeting members of the cast!

Because, really, this reminds me of that SNL skit about Neil Diamond's duet album with Bigfoot. You know, where Ferrell's drunken Diamond kept talking about how he's not sure if it really happened (ironically, I can not find video evidence that that skit happened)?

That's my reaction here; Mark Waid went on a show about tattoo artists? To make them in to comic book characters? That actually happened? I'll have to watch an episode of LA Ink for the first time in my life just to make absolutely sure this is actually happened, so good show, everyone involved.

If nothing else, I hope this leads to a trend of comics pros appearing on reality shows. I'll let the comments sections make the snarky jokes there. I have a few on the tip of my tongue that are particularly scathing, but I'll try to show some restraint.

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