Breaking down the <i>Arkham Asylum 2</i> trailer

I pulled Batman: Arkham Asylum out again a couple of weeks ago, so I could play through it one more time and focus more on solving all of the Riddler's riddles that are sprinkled throughout the game. The first time I played through it, I didn't pay as much attention to them, as my only concern was saving Gotham from the Joker, but the second time through was a bit more leisurely and fun. If you haven't played the game (and you should -- it's my favorite game of the year), the riddles revolve around various Bat-related characters who aren't in the game ... the riddles send you looking for Mr. Freeze's ice-coated cell, Hugo Strange's transfer papers and Penguin's umbrella, for example.

With all these references to other Bat-villains in the game, it's no surprise that a few Easter eggs found their way into the Arkham Asylum 2 trailer that came out earlier this month. Gametrailers.com's Pop Block, which is kind of like VH1's Pop Up Videos show, points out some of these references in the trailer below. Keep an eye out for the Penguin's Iceberg Lounge, a Sionus sign and a suspicious-looking black cat ...

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