'Breaking Cat News' brings up-to-the-minute cuteness

I can't remember which of my Facebook friends turned me on to Georgia Dunn's Breaking Cat News, but whoever it is, I want to buy them a beer. I'm not one of those people who watches cat videos all day, but the adorably deadpan news-gathering trio of Elvis, Lupin and Puck has captured my heart.

The three cats report with breathless excitement on the doings of The Woman and The Man, with whom they share a household, and the appearances of a very large neighbor cat who favors Hawaiian shirts, and they also cover important events such as "There's a moth outside the window" and "The door to the spare room is open." All this is done from a completely cat-centric point of view; one of my favorite comics is "Devastation in the kitchen," in which The Man opens a can of something that turns out not to be cat food. And there is wisdom here; in "The people are making box forts," Elvis observes, "Boxes are never empty because they are always filled with adventure," a sentiment that is as true to a 2-year-old as it is to a cat.

About those box forts: The cartoon went on a brief hiatus a few weeks ago, as the real-life counterparts of The Woman and The Man moved their household, including the cats (chronicled in "The people are kidnapping us"). The comic just resumed in the new place, which the news team is investigating rather gingerly, and it looks like there are plenty more stories to be told, if only Elvis can get out from under the bureau.

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