Breaking Bad Won't Return Until July 2011, Minisodes Planned For The Hiatus

If you're having trouble sleeping wondering whether or not Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were able to get out of their latest jam on Breaking Bad, well, you might want to look into some practical treatments for insomnia, as there's no relief in sight — Breaking Bad won't return for its fourth season until July 2011.

"I think what AMC is thinking here is there will be less competition for us -- particularly from the broadcast networks -- if we launch our season during the summer than if we come back again like we did this time in March," Cranston told Deadline in an interview.

With more than a year elapsing since the end of its third season, the fourth season's new summer air date renders Breaking Bad ineligible when Emmy season rolls around next year, effectively ending any nomination streak that the show has for Best Drama and Cranston has for Best Actor, both earning noms for three years running now.

Despite the long wait between seasons, AMC and the Breaking Bad creative team have found a way to make sure viewers aren't entirely without the blue stuff for too long: a series of minisodes of 3-to-4 minutes a piece, set to air online shortly after season four begins production in January 2011.

"The idea is to keep people aware and interested in the show during the long time away,” said Cranston. “But I, for one, am eager to make these little interstitials important. I don’t want them to be simply filler or recap, but something that actually moves the storyline forward. If we’re going to do it, it ought to be a real part of the larger show.”

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