<i>Breaking Bad</i> Script Stolen From Bryan Cranston, Suspect Arrested

Fans might have to wait until the summer to find out what happens in the final episodes of Breaking Bad, but one man found out much earlier. Someone broke into star Bryan Cranston's car while he was in New Mexico and stole a copy of one of his scripts. The actor reported the theft on March 1.

According to ABC News, reports the perpetrator broke into the passenger-side window of Cranston's car and stole his bag, which included the Breaking Bad script, his iPad and other "miscellaneous personal items."

Police arrested 29-year-old Xavier Macafee on Sunday after he was allegedly overheard bragging about how he broke into the vehicle. According to the complaint, Macafee showed some friends at a bar that he had "some kind of laptop or iPad" and described "how he also had a script from the Breaking Bad series." He was charged with burglary. However, the script hasn't been recovered.

Considering how top secret the forthcoming Breaking Bad season is, it will be bad news if the script ends up leaking. So far the second half of Season 5 doesn't have a more specific return date than "summer 2013."

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