'Breaking Bad' Guys: Walter White's Worst Enemies

Walter White may be the danger, but he's not the only one who knocks.

Sometimes friends, more often foes, the following Breaking Bad characters are by far the deadliest threats Walt has ever faced. Mr. White's extensive rogues gallery includes a hardened hitman, a "tight" tyrant, an unlikely tandem, and much more. As much fun as he's enjoying in the granite state of New Hampshire, there are still enough bad guys out there worthy of Walt's wrath.

Without further ado, read on for Spinoff Online's list of Walter White's worst enemies:

Domingo Gallardo Molina

Phosphine gas is a killer — unless you're Krazy-8, in which case, phosphine gas is just an amuse-bouche. If not for a shard of yellow glass, Krazy-8 could have made it out of that basement alive. Except that's not really true, is it? Walt would have found another reason to claim his first direct kill, with or without Krazy-8's incentive. His time on Breaking Bad was brief but absolutely crucial in paving the way for the horrible events to come.

Jane Margolis

By letting her die, Walt kept Jesse in line ... and indirectly caused a mid-air collision between a commercial airliner and a chartered plane (all 167 people on board were killed). Jane was this close to riding away into the sunset with enough money to challenge an obvious future … a future that could have easily ended with Walt in bracelets. Her fate was sealed the moment his security was challenged.

Tuco Salamanca

TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT. If you need more words, you don't know Tuco. See also: The first stop on Hank Schraeder's Badass Hall of Fame.

Hector Salamanca

DING DING DING DING DING DING. Jokes aside, Tio was one of Walt's deadliest threats because of the information he could have revealed to the DEA, but chose to withhold based on an antiquated honor system. (See also: "F - U - C …") But imagine Heisenberg against Hector in his prime. Not even a contest.

The Cousins

Walt. Let's be clear, here. If not for a well-timed shower (and an even better-timed phone call), Leonel and Marco Salamanca would have had your head pinned to a wall with a well-placed ax. If not for an eagle-eyed Hank Schraeder, it would have escalated to even greater heights, I'm sure. Bring an extra rose next time you're at Marie's house.

Mike Ehrmantraut

"You're a time bomb tick-tick-ticking away, and I have no intention of being around for the boom." You know what they say about good intentions, right? It says everything about this show that this hitman is the grandpa worth grieving. The man who couldn't escape Walt's wrath. The man who was just a few short miles away from a peaceful demise. But as you said, Mike, there are no half-measures. It's just a shame you taught that lesson to the wrong pupil.

Gustavo Fring

Speaking of bombs … well, need we say more? The cool, collected Pollos Hermanos boss ruled with calm composure for years, but lost everything after taking a chance on the Blue Crystal Cook. Gus wasn't the archenemy most viewers expected to see. Instead, he was the cautionary tale: Vengeance gets you part of the way, but you still need your face before blowing the show away forever.

Team Pinkman-Schraeder

Individually, Jesse Pinkman and ASAC Hank Schraeder were frequently steps away from trapping the elusive Heisenberg in a corner. Together, they got the job done. Putting aside their differences, Hank and Jesse toppled the smartest man they ever met. If only the smartest man they'd ever met hadn't called …

The Nazis

White power has new meaning in relation to Todd Alquist, Uncle Jack and the rest of their Neo-Nazi clan. These late-game antagonists killed poor Gomey, killed poor Uncle Hank, killed poor Andrea … yeah, they are about as awful as this show can get. Except for one guy …


Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER forget whose fault this is. Naming the Big Bad Boogey Man "Heisenberg" is such a stupidly soft way of assigning the blame, but nevertheless, that's Walter's legacy. He is his own worst enemy. No one is worse. You are the man who knocks, Walt. You are the man who hides behind his money, the man in the cabin. You are the Nightmare, Walt, the high mark of deplorability. If you can't enjoy the millions? At least enjoy the status.

Breaking Bad concludes Sunday, Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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