<i>Breaking Bad</i> Debuts Poster For Final Season: 'Remember My Name'

Don't play games. You know the name. So say it.

Heisenberg doesn't want you to forget who he is, and chances are good that you won't, considering the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad are set to launch this summer, beginning with the premiere Aug. 11. TV Line has a new poster for the return of Breaking Bad, featuring Bryan Cranston's crystal-meth kingpin standing tall with the sun blaring in the background, casting a green-glowing lens flare on the poster.

"Remember my name," the poster reads. No problem, Mr. White.

Indeed, there are several establishments doing their best to make sure everyone remembers Breaking Bad during its swan song. Twitter user @BreakingBadLocations reports (via The A.V. Club) that Albuquerque-based brewery Marble Brewery is brewing a Breaking Bad tribute beer for the final run of episodes, called "Heisenberg's Dark." He sure is.

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