Breaking Bad: Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston Continue to Tease Reunion

Actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are perhaps best known for their roles in AMC's award-winning series, Breaking Bad. The first episode aired in 2008 and the tragic story of Mr. White and Jesse concluded in 2013 with the fifth and final season. Since then, fans have longed to see the two characters together again, and it's even been the crux of a few televised skits here and there, but recently Cranston and Paul have taken to social media, teasing what appears to be that long-awaited reunion.

It began with a tweet from Paul and an Instagram post from Cranston, both featuring an image of two donkeys with the caption, "Soon." Fans immediately began to speculate, but no further hints were provided and the actors remained silent.

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Recently, the two actors posted on their respective platforms once again, this time with an image featuring both Cranston and Paul trudging across a river and a caption that simply reads, "Even sooner."

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Even sooner

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The world of Breaking Bad was kept alive by a single spinoff series, Better Call Saul, in which various characters from the original series, such as Tuca Salamanca, Mike Ehrmantraut and Gus Fring, appear in the life of Saul Goodman. The creators of the series have teased an appearance by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in the past, so it's possible this is what the posts are alluding to.

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There is also a Breaking Bad film currently in development, which will -- according to Vince Gilligan -- air on Netflix. That being said, it's even likelier the cryptic posts by two actors are hinting at a major announcement of some kind relating to the film. However, nothing is certain at this time.

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