Breakfast with the Blooms: <i>Ulysses Seen</i> continues on web, iPad

Bloomsday is just around the corner, and that reminds us that work is continuing on Rob Berry's Ulysses Seen, a graphic adaptation of James Joyce's Ulysses, luminously illustrated by Berry and Josh Levitas. The adaptation is going in chronological order of Leopold Bloom's doings on June 16, 1904, rather than in the order of the book, so the fourth chapter of the book, "Calypso," is the second chapter of the comic. Berry and Levitas follow Bloom around his kitchen and the streets of Dublin as he fixes breakfast, daydreams, picks up a kidney, brings his wife Molly tea and toast ... it's very atmospheric, and captures the visuals of the prose book in a nice way.

An extra bonus is Mike Barsanti and Janine Utell's Reader's Guide, which explains the more arcane references and points out the inspirations for the art. Rob tells me that there is new material about to debut on the webcomic site, and the Calypso chapter will be up on the iPad in time for Bloomsday. (You may remember there was a bit of controversy about the first chapter, Telemachus; Apple has since rethought its policy, and Ulysses Seen will make it to the iPad intact.)

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