'Brave's' Merida Speaks, Fights in New 'Once Upon A Time' Clip

Viewers have known about the imminent arrival of Pixar princess Merida to the world of ABC's "Once Upon A Time" for a while now, even seeing her demonstrate her prowess with a bow. Now, fans of the fairytale series get to both see and hear the "Brave" star in action for the first time.

Debuting on EW.com, the clip shows Merida's (Amy Manson) on-screen debut, as she and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) cross paths in the Enchanted Forest while they independently chase down the same Will O'the Wisp. When Merida snatches the fliying Wisp up, Emma lashes out -- magically -- setting the Scottish princess on the defensive, bow drawn and ready to leap into battle.

The situation is swiftly defused as they both realize the other has a legitimate reason for procuring the glowing creature, though neither is willing to step aside and allow the other to walk away with the Wisp. But that's all right, because Merida has the perfect solution: they can fight each other for it.

"Once Upon A Time" returns Sunday, Sept. 27 at 8pm on ABC.

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