Brave New World announces Comic Book Singles Night!

Official Press Release

If your last date hated comic books, or if he thought Yaoi was "wow-y", if he thinks it's 'Josh' Whedon, or she called them 'dolls', maybe you're just not meeting the right kind of people. So, where is the average geek to go to, perhaps, find true love? Well, a comic book shop, of course!

Brave New World Comics, Santa Clarita's premier pop culture super store, is proud to announce an event of epic proportions. Quite possibly the perfect opportunity for the geeks of the world to unite, SINGLES NIGHT! Friday, June 27th, Brave New World invites the nerds, gamers, hackers, coders, theater geeks, band geeks, or just your run of the mill, socially stunted, regular old geeks of the world (and those who love them) to meet, mingle, and who knows, maybe even make the connection that you've been looking for your whole life: someone that understands you.

This event, the second in a series of 'geek singles' based store events, is being hosted by local landmark Brave New World, in conjunction with SweetOnGeeks.com, a dating site where 'grey matters', and Bawls energy drinks. SweetOnGeeks.com is the most popular geek dating website, for geeks, those who love them, and even geeks who just want to be friends with like minded individuals, while Bawls G33k B33r is what fuels many of these geeks and gamers into the wee hours of the morning. "Who better to co-host this event?", mused Atom! Freeman, BNW proprietor of extraordinary punctuation. "If I wasn't already a happily married geek, you know I'd be there. It's a great opportunity for the nerd-core to get together, in a totally non-threatening environment.". In addition to the Geek socializing, the event will feature live music, from local bands such as The Edge of Man and BLT, as well as a 'geeky foods' tasting. "Some of this stuff is just too weird to believe!", says BNW Geek Magnet, Portlyn, "should be a good time tasting gummi bacon, and Bawls energy drinks. Delish!". The event is open to the public, and you don't have to be single to attend. "We're married, and we'll be there!", reminds Portlyn. "Single, looking, married, or just wanting to have a fun night full of amazing music, all are welcome."

The Brave New World Singles Night event will take place on Friday, June 27th, beginning at 8pm, at the store in Newhall. Brave New World is located at 22722 Lyons Avenue, at the corner of Lyons and Chestnut St. For additional information about this event, or any of BNW's community involvement, please contact Atom! Freeman, or his lovely wife, Portlyn, at 661.259.4745, or mail@bravenewworldcomics.com

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