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A message from colorist Rob Schwager:

"One of our BRATH fans, Allen, (otherwise known as 'Arla' on our messageboards) has a niece that has Rett Syndrome. You can go tohttp://www.rettsyndrome.org/ for more information about this neurologicaldisorder. Her name is Kathy Falk. You can go here to see her picture andbio: http://www.rettsyndrome.org/gallery/toc-e-f.htm

"Anyway, Allen is planning on holding an auction in his local comic bookstore of his small town in October. to try to raise money for the RettSyndrome Association to try to find a cure for this disease that primarilystrikes females.

"Allen mentioned something about it on one of the comic message boards I hit,BrokenFrontier.com. I discussed it with the BRATH creative crew and decidedthat it would be cool to donate a big, one-of-a-kind BRATH prize package tothis auction.

"We also figured that if we could auction the prizes worldwide, via Ebay,instead of just in his small town, we might be able to raise more money tohelp the Rett Association. Here's the auction.

"Now, this isn't a CrossGen sponsored auction or event or anything. We didthis on our own because Allen is a great fan, we wanted to help--even if itis in just a small way--and we felt that this was a worthy cause for us tostand behind. Allen sent us a videotape of his niece on the local news and it broke myheart. Might be because I have a little 5 month old daughter, but I feltconvicted to do something. We all did.

"So, if you would, even if you aren't interested in bidding on Ebay, pleasepass the word on to friends and others who might be into BRATH, or Chuck'swriting, or who might just want to donate to a worthy cause and help outsome folks, while in return getting some great artwork and prizes.

"Thanks everybody.


Here's a portion of the Ebay listing describing what the BRATH creative teamis auctioning off:


You are bidding on an extremely rare, once in a lifetime BRATH prizepackage, straight from the creators of monthly comic book series BRATH fromCrossGen Comics. To get a collection of BRATH related articles like this,you would have to go to a lot of conventions or know the art teamspersonally. This is a special one-of-a-kind auction.

**ALL proceeds from this auction are going directly to charity.**

One of our loyal fans has a niece with Rett syndrome. The creative team aremaking a donation with the proceeds raised by this auction to the RettSyndrome Association in his niece's name.

Note: This is an auction set up by the BRATH creative team only, notCrossGen Comics as a company.

In this BRATH prize package one lucky bidder will receive:

- The cover to BRATH #2 original artwork. This beautiful piece of originalart was penciled by Andrea Di Vito and inked by Brad Vancata. Artworkfeatures the series character Taniella. Standard 11"x17" CrossGen comic artboard. This is the original artwork created for this issue. Suitable forframing.

- A stunning one of a kind, custom BRATH poster specifically printed forthis auction featuring artwork from the upper scene on pages 4-5 of issue#4. The poster print measures 40 1/2" x 25". An awesome sight to see!

- A limited edition art print of the cover to BRATH issue #9. There wereonly 100 of these produced. Signed and numbered. Very rare. It's 12x18" andsuitable for framing.

- A signed and numbered, 32 page BRATH sketchbook. Only 300 of thesesketchbooks were produced.

- BRATH "convention style" sketches by writer Chuck Dixon, penciler AndreaDi Vito, inker Roland Paris, colorist Rob Schwager, and letterer DaveLanphear. These are done on Crossgen trading card art board. Approx: 4 1/2x6 1/2"

- One copy of each BRATH comic released to date. Prequel and issues 1-5.

- 3 BRATH promotional bookmarks. These bookmarks were produced to promoteTeen Read Week.

- 3 BRATH promotional postcards. These postcards were produced as give-aways at conventions.

- 5 3" round BRATH vinyl stickers. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

All items sold as a set only.

All items in Mint Condition.

All items signed by various members of the BRATH creative team, including: writer Chuck Dixon, penciler Andrea Di Vito, inkers Brad Vancata, John Dell and Roland Paris, colorist Rob Schwager and letterer Dave Lanphear. You can learn more about Kathy's neurological disorder at: http://www.rettsyndrome.org/

Your Connection @ CrossGen,

Bill Rosemann

Director of Marketing & Communications

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