Brass Sun #2

Story by
Art by
INJ Culbard
Letters by
Ellie De Ville
Cover by

Brass Sun #1 sold out of both its initial print run AND the reprint and now the second issue of Ian Edginton and INJ Culbard's vast clockpunk epic, Brass Sun, comes to North America in a six-issue US-format miniseries. The great clockwork solar system, The Orrery, is failing and young Wren has fled her homeworld to seek Sanctuary with the Engineman. In a quest to find the scattered knowledge required to restart the system he sends Wren and his young assistant, Conductor 17, along the long-abandoned rails connecting the planets to a world untouched for years. As civil war foments, Wren and Conductor 17 must use their wits if they are to gain the hidden knowledge they need to save the solar system! Brass Sun is available in print from all good comic books stores and online from the 2000 AD webshop and 2000 AD iPad app!

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