Brandon Graham suggests you skip that Vertigo short he drew

For the Brandon Graham completists, the King City creator and Prophet writer has posted the pages from the Madame Xanadu short story he drew for the 2010 House of Mystery Halloween Annual, preceded by his recollection of the Vertigo experience (aka "before I came up with my 'never ever work at DC ever' plan"). While the artwork is lovely, the process was a bit of a mixed bag.

"It was fun enough to draw and paid well but I don’t actually recommend anyone track it down. (I really didn’t like the story)," he wrote. "After this I wanted to make sure I only put out books I would want to buy myself. Live and learn and all that."

After recounting his experiences with layouts and a "heavy-handed" editor, Graham offered, "I was always amazed at how much they paid and Vertigo’s ability to hire good artists and still put out books I wouldn’t take for free."

You can check out all of the pages on his blog, along with more details about the process.

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