Brandon Graham finds his Voice in <i>Dark Horse Presents #7</i>

Here's a nice Christmas present -- Brandon Graham is doing a new story in Dark Horse Presents #7, which arrives in shops Dec. 21. I didn't realize until Dark Horse called it out that Graham has a story in that issue, titled "The Speaker."

“A man loses his voice—his voice goes off to see the world," Graham said about the story. "Years later the man dies and the voice that walks like a man hears the news and returns home. The Voice has to deal with all the personifications of the man’s doubts, secrets and ideas that are left behind. It’s got doubts using tuning forks like guns and ideas that smash the light bulbs over their heads like they were bottles in a bar fight."

In addition to "The Speaker," Dark Horse Presents #7 also features new Age of Reptiles and Skeleton Key material, as well as a "Hellboy in Mexico" story by Mike Mignola.

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