Bradstreet updates fans on 'Blade' comic

Timothy Bradstreet, cover artist for Marvel's "Punisher" and Vertigo's "Hellblazer" titles, continues to set the standard when it comes to creating street-level art. Bradstreet recently posted several updates to his Web site regarding his upcoming work on Red Sky Diary, his creator-owned project, as well as his upcoming work on Marvel Comics' MAX title, "Blade".

"I'll be taking a similar approach with the 'Blade' covers as with 'The Punisher,'" said Bradstreet. "They will be character-oriented, graphically designed Daywalking freight trains of destruction. Get ready for some of my best work ever. No joke, no doubt, no holding back. Take my hand, won't you? I'll be leading you into what I like to think of as 'my version' (of Blade). Cooler than Wesley? Yes, cooler than Wesley."

"Blade" is scheduled to hit comic shops in February of 2002 and will be written Marc Andreyko, featuring art by Manuel Gutierrez and Steve Pugh.

Bradstreet also gave an update concerning the availability of his art book, Maximum Black. The hard to find collection of Bradstreet's best art is currently available only by going directly to the publisher, but the artist hopes to change that soon.

"I've been receiving mass amounts of emails inquiring about the availability of my art book, Maximum Black. Right now, if you want to get one you pretty much have to order it through (the publisher) AEG. That is about to change. I'm striking a deal with them soon to obtain quantities of the book and make them available through the site. Once we get things running smoothly, we'll be adding other items to the Web site in the Products section. Prints, portfolios and other goodies. I plan to have this in full swing by the end of the calendar year," said Bradstreet

Fans of Bradstreet's art will also be excited to hear his creator-owned project, Red Sky Diary, will soon be in production as early as next year.

"The only topic I address through this site more than Punisher questions and info on finding my art book is 'When are we going to see "Red Sky Diary?"' The wait could soon be over," said Bradstreet. "I've got a couple of things in the works here. First off I'm dedicating some time next spring to working on and finishing a script. This volume will be heavily illustrated prose. RSD will be an illustrated book as opposed to a sequential one. I'm planning an oversized 9 by 12 coffee table style edition. It will have a wraparound oil painting on the cover.

"In addition, I'm currently underway with plans to shoot, direct and edit a 'Red Sky Diary' movie trailer. This trailer, once completed will offer a unique look at the characters as well as serving as a promotional tool to get the film project off the ground. I'm going to be showing a teaser version on an additional Flash web site we're planning that will also feature some other side projects, animated and photo. I'll be offering the full trailer on a limited edition DVD or video tape that will also feature some additional footage and some sneak peeks at the RSD book. These DVD's will be available only through the Official Web site of Timothy Bradstreet so keep checking in."

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