Bradley James Cast as "Underworld: Next Generation" Villain

Beyond knowing it's a thing that's happening and that Kate Beckinsale will reprise her role as Selene, not a whole lot has been revealed about the fifth installment in the "Underworld" franchise, tentatively titled "Underworld: Next Generation." However, now thanks to Deadline, we do know one more thing.

According to the site, Bradley James, who recently wrapped the first season of A&E's upcoming "Damien," will play a villainous role in the film. What exactly that role is and whether he's human, vampire, werewolf, some combination of the above or an altogether new race entirely is unknown.

Anna Foerster, best known for collaborations with Roland Emmerich on multiple films in a second unit or visual effects capacity, will direct a screenplay by Cory Goodman. "Divergent" star Theo James is also expected to appear, following a role in "Underworld: Awakening."

"Underworld: Next Generation" is currently scheduled to arrive in theaters October 21, 2016.

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