Bradley Cooper Pushes The Limitless

"What if there was a pill to make you rich and powerful? What if there was a way to access 100% of your brain?"

In the world of Limitless, these things exist, as evidenced by a new viral video starring Bradley Cooper. The Hangover and The A-Team actor stars in Limitless as Eddie Morra, a writer who starts taking NZT, a pill designed to allow prescribers to use the full force of their brains in an effort to "learn new languages and conquer Wall Street," among other achievements. But there are side effects as well, as the viral video you'll see below so clearly illustrates, and Eddie's newly energized life quickly spirals into chaos due to his connection to NZT.

Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, is based on The Dark Fields, a novel written by Alan Glynn. The film arrives in theaters on March 18, 2011.

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