Bradley Cooper and Syfy to Bring 'Hyperion' to Television

Bradly Cooper is teaming with Syfy to adapt the popular and acclaimed science fiction book series "Hyperion" into a television series -- a goal the Academy Award-nominated actor has been trying to achieve for some time.

According to the LA Times, Cooper will executive produce the series for Syfy alongside "Argo" producer Graham King and Todd Phillips of "The Hangover." "Boardwalk Empire" writer Itamar Moses will be scripting the screenplay.

The first novel in the four-book Hyperion Cantos series by Dan Simmons, "Hyperion" follows seven characters on a spiritual journey, each with their own reason for making this particular pilgrimage. As the story unfolds, each character reveals their backstory and reasons for making the journey, with each story told in a unique style and tone and each of a different type of genre -- from a cyberpunk detective tale to an action-filled war piece and more.

Cooper was quoted in a press release by Syfy saying, "It is an absolute honor to enter into the world created by Dan Simmons that is arguably one of the greatest works of science fiction, and help realize it for television audiences."

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