Brad Pitt Wants Chilean Miners' Story - And Miners Themselves

Brad Pitt knows how to make movies happen. His production company is negotiating for the movie rights to the story of the trapped Chilean miners, and has a way to sweeten the deal for those who aren't sure they want to agree: They can be in the movie.

Apparently, Pitt's Plan B has offered a multi-million dollar deal for the movie rights to the story, and is prepared to offer the miners roles in the finished movie in order to make it happen. Plan B isn't the only company looking to profit from the miners' experience - The Wrap says that roughly ten offers come in every day - but at least the miners themselves are dealing with it fairly sensibly (Well, aside from the whole "starring in a movie about themselves" thing); they're looking to create a holding company to make sure that all monies are distributed evenly before signing any deals. Maybe Brad should offer to help with that, as well.

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