Brad Metlzer signs DC Exclusive

In a brief story over at the New York Times it's been revealed that writer Brad Meltzer has signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics. While the length of the contract was not specified, the write-up did say the exclusive covers " work to be published next year."

As readers already know, Meltzer was the mastermind behind last years smash-hit series "Identity Crisis" that's served as the inspiration and launching point for DC's current big event, "Infinite Crisis." There was no mention of what Meltzer's next project would be for DC. In addition to "Identity Crisis," Meltzer also wrote "Green Arrow" for DC Comics, following writer/director Kevin Smith's run on the title.


The New York Times also noted that Meltzer will be a guest of honor at the New York Comic Con in February of 2006.

Wonder Woman #58

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