Brad Bird Insists Incredibles 2 Is NOT a 'Kids Movie'

Writer/director Brad Bird is here to remind concerned parents that Incredibles 2 is definitely not a "kids movie." The long-awaited Pixar sequel picks up where there 2004 original left off, with the characters remaining the same age, but the story is definitely more grown-up.

While The Incredibles was standard superhero fare about defeating a jealous villain, the sequel tackles more mature themes, with the stray "cuss word" attracting some criticism. Bird famously took a break from Twitter to focus on Incredibles 2, but now that he's back on social media, he's taking no prisoners in defending the film.

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When one disappointed parent called out Incredibles 2 for its use of cuss words, Bird offered a reminder that it's a PG-rated film.

The situation escalated as another fan said the long scenes of exposition made it difficult for his his child to concentrate on what was going on. Bird responded that he shouldn't be expected to write a movie to cater for someone's 4-year-old daughter.

Although the debate raged on, Bird later asked that everyone to calm down. Importantly, he doubled down on his views that just because a movie is animated doesn't mean it's just for kids.

Incredibles 2 may have a PG rating, but Bird is keen to remind audiences that he always intended to direct a more mature movie. Cursing may be more adult than what Pixar is traditionally known for, but the studio's releases contain many scenes that aren't entirely suitable for children. From the death of Nemo's parents to murder in Coco, Pixar's family-friendly persona comes second to storytelling. Also, the studio's ability to balance a movie for kids and jokes that keep the adults entertained has always been part of its unique selling point.

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Incredibles 2 also deals with characters having more in-depth conversations and openly drinking alcohol, which isn't always the norm for Pixar movies. However, Bird's work on The Incredibles and The Iron Giant shows he has always handled an adult way of crafting animated movies. No matter what the concerns of some are, it hasn't stopped Incredibles 2 soaring up the charts and even passing the original movie at the box office. There seems to be no stopping the super-powered Parr family.

Now in theaters, Pixar's Incredibles 2 stars Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Vowell, Bob Odenkirk, Huck Milner, and Catherine Keener.

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