Brace yourselves, Pikachu isn't the most popular Pokemon

The 20th anniversary of "Pokémon" should be a time for celebration, but instead it's become a dark time, marking the downward spiral of the once-great Pikachu and a collective loss of innocence.

OK, maybe it's not that dramatic, but it's pretty dire, as more than half a million Japanese Pokémon fans have spoken -- and they've chosen Greninja as their favorite pocket monster. "Who?" you ask. Exactly.

The final form of the (admittedly) cute Froakie, Greninja is a frog-like creature with a grotesquely long tongue that can slice up its enemies with throwing stars made of compressed water. Granted, that last bit is pretty damned cool, but come on ... There's no way that Greninja is better than Pikachu -- who came in fourth, by the way.

Yes, in a poll conducted by The Pokémon Company, its own mascot came in fourth place, behind Mew, Arceus (just to add insult to injury) and, yes, Greninja. Considering there are some 720 Pokémon, and there was room on the list for just 100 of them, fourth place is an accomplishment. But Greninja?

When reached for comment, Pikachu would only say, "Pika?"

(via Polygon)

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