Superboy Meets Boyzarro in DC's Superman #42

Superboy will come face to face with Boyzarro, the son of Bizarro, in March in DC Comics' Superman #42.

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Artist and co-writer Patrick Gleason first teased the offspring of the Man of Steel's backward-speaking rival in late November, when he debuted the character design for "Bizarro Boy." However, within a day the name of Superboy's new counterpart had been changed to Boyzarro following the suggestions of fans. " I LOVE IT! The fans have spoken!" Gleason wrote on Facebook on Nov. 22. "Let's do it!‬"

Boyzarro character design by Patrick Gleason

The solicitation for Superman #42, the first part of the "BOYzarro RE-DEATH" storyline, promises that when Jonathan Kent meets Boyzarro, "a strange transformation begins to take place." But of course, there's more, as he's not the only member of the Bizarro family who will make an appearance, teeing off a fight between Superman and, yes, Bizarro.


Luckily fans won't have to wait long to see how matters escalate, as Superman double-ships in March, with Issue 42 arriving on March 7 and Issue 43 on March 21.

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