The Boys: 10 Questions We Need Answers To In Season 2

Amazon Prime has found huge success with The Boys. Based on the comic book series of the same name that ran for 72 issues from 2006 until 2012, it features a world where superheroes are corrupted by their celebrity status. A secret CIA division called "The Boys" monitors and combats them. That's the basic premise, though things go way deeper than that.

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The Amazon series had an eight-episode first season that received all sorts of acclaim from critics and casual viewers alike. Great as it was, it did leave us with an abundance of unanswered questions. Though the season wrapped satisfyingly, we have no idea where some of our favorite characters are headed. These are the 10 biggest questions we have going into Season Two. Watch out for big Season One spoilers if you aren't up to date!

10 Is The Deep Still Part Of The Seven?

The first superhero to show signs of being a terrible person in the series was The Deep. The Seven's resident underwater hero (in the vein of Aquaman) horribly mistreats Starlight during her introduction to the team. When Starlight revealed to the public that a member of the team did this, it sent The Deep into the doghouse.

The Deep was transferred to Sandusky, Ohio, as something of a benching for him. It kept him out of the public eye. By the season finale, he was rejected in his attempt to officially rejoin the Seven. That led to an emotional breakdown where he shaved his head. That was the last shot we see of him, with no word on his standing with the Seven going forward.

9 Who Is Black Noir?

Black Noir is easily the most mysterious member of the Seven. They are present at every notable meeting or appearance of the group, yet they never speak. We don't even have confirmation that Black Noir is a male or female. The character is hidden by a mask and a heavy suit of armor.

Other than one fight scene, Black Noir doesn't do a whole lot. We get glimpses of the character doing odd things like drinking from a long straw or playing the piano; scenes that come from out of nowhere. In Season Two, we're dying to know more. If you know their identity from the comics, then you know we could be in for something special.

8 Did A-Train Die?

The first scene we see involving A-Train was when he brutally killed Robin by running through her with his super speed. As the series progressed, we discovered that he was hooked on Compound V, which enhanced his powers. This stemmed from his constant fear of being bested as the fastest man alive and losing his spot with the Seven.

By the time the finale rolled around, A-Train's addiction to Compound V caused him to go into cardiac arrest before his fight with Starlight. The last time we saw A-Train, Starlight was attempting to resuscitate him as ambulances were called. We have no idea if he survived the ordeal.

7 Did The Boys Get To Safety?

The whole reason Starlight and A-Train were set to fight in the finale was because of the involvement of the Boys. Hughie, Mother's Milk, and Frenchie rescued Kimiko. They were pinned down by gunfire until Starlight came to save them. A-Train arrived to confront Hughie and Starlight stepped in.

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As Starlight attempted to keep A-Train alive, she sent Hughie away with the rest of the Boys. Kimiko was in no shape to fight, so they were pretty helpless. We were given no confirmation of their whereabouts or if they made it out safely.

6 Will Starlight Go Off On Her Own?

Starlight quickly learned that being a member of the Seven wasn't all she believed it would be. She went against a lot of what was asked of her and was the one to open up (in front of thousands) about her feelings on being part of the group. Starlight formed a bond with Hughie and feels more like one of the Boys than one of the Seven.

When Starlight helped the Boys, she kind of set herself up to no longer be part of the Seven. There's a good chance that she might go off on her own. She just wanted to be (and do) good, like a normal superhero. We'd love to see her kind of caught in between the two groups as a traditional hero.

5 With Madelyn Dead, What Happens To Vought?

Throughout the series, we got the idea that Madelyn Stillwell was one of the most important people at Vought Industries. She's a high ranking official who has an oddly close relationship with Homelander. That became a problem as Homelander uncovered secrets she hid from him.

By the time we reached the end of the story, Madelyn found herself in trouble. Instead of saving her, Homelander viciously killed her with his heat vision. This came right after she was offered a huge promotion. With her gone, we have no idea what happens. Who takes over her position?

4 Did Madelyn's Baby Die?

As noted, Homelander destroyed Madelyn when she was tied up and in danger. The reason she was being held captive was Billy Butcher. Billy believed Homelander's one weakness was Madelyn, so he used her as bait. She was tied to a bomb that Billy set off once he saw Homelander murder her.

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However, the whole time she was in danger, she kept calling out to her child. Madelyn's infant son was in the house during all of this. When Billy blew up the house, the next shot we got was of Homelander and Billy at a different location. Did Homelander save the baby before they got out, or is the baby gone for good?

3 How Will Homelander React To Being A Father?

Season One of The Boys ended with a hell of a bang. We'll discuss the full scale of the reveal later, but for now, we're focusing on Homelander as a father. The series slowly unveiled details about the pregnant Becca Butcher. He was led to believe that the baby didn't survive the birth.

The final scene showed us that his son is alive and well, being raised by Becca in secret. As soon as Homelander saw his son, he embraced him and we saw that he seemed to have powers too. Homelander's way of dealing with this will be interesting. Does he try to make his son better than him? Is he violent towards him? Is his son somehow more powerful than he is? We want to know all of this.

2 Will Billy Pay For His Actions?

For most of the series, we're meant to view Billy Butcher as something of a hero. He's not corrupted like most of the Seven, and though he does some questionable things, he's at least an anti-hero. That all changed with the finale.

The biggest thing about this was the reveal that Becca Butcher was alive. This could mean that Billy's entire quest for vengeance was misguided. He killed multiple supers, possibly murdered an infant, broke several other laws, and it was all without a shred of proof. How will these actions affect him?

1 What Happened To Becca?

Most of the show is built around the idea that Billy Butcher is out to get supers. He believes that Homelander raped his wife and then caused her to disappear, which led to what everyone believed was her death. The last shot of the season revealed that Becca was alive and raising Homelander's son, with Billy watching her step out from her lawn.

This opened up so many possibilities for Becca's character. Next season, we can find out exactly what happened to her. Did she and Homelander share a real relationship? Did she leave Billy willingly? Is she happier now with her child than with Billy? These are the most pressing questions remaining.

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