#BoycottMulan Movement Plans Hong Kong Disneyland Protest


As many might have already heard, Liu Yifei has faced significant outrage after posting her support for the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) and their violent actions in the ongoing Hong Kong Protests. This has caused many Internet users to engage in the #BoycottMulan Twitter campaign, which encourages all those supporting the pro-democracy side of the conflict to boycott Disney's upcoming Mulan remake.

Despite the growing popularity of the hashtag and calls to action, Disney has yet to offer a response, which many have interpreted as passive support for Liu Yifei, the HKPF and by extension, the Communist Party of China (CCP). According to The Hollywood Reporter, this silence has prompted some in Hong Kong to consider staging a sit-in at Hong Kong Disneyland, which could take place as soon as Aug. 24. Whether or not the potential sit-in would compel a response from Disney remains to be seen.

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It should be noted that Hong Kong protesters, in a continued effort to fight against the growing influence of the CCP, have also scheduled two major demonstrations to take place across Hong Kong, one of which will take place at Hong Kong International Airport, where the last major demonstration caused all flights in and out of the region to cease.

The protests have only grown larger and more intense in the last few months, with sympathetic rallies taking place across the world. For this reason, use of the hashtag #BoycottMulan has quickly spread beyond the borders of Hong Kong. Many observers speculate that Disney will either remain silent until the March 2020 release date -- hoping that the backlash fades -- or push the release of Mulan back in order to avoid having to alienate Chinese audiences by openly supporting pro-democractic protesters.

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