Boy, That Was Some Melodrama

Did you check out this week's The Twelve yet?

Boy howdy, that was some melodrama.

Spoilers ahead!

So one of the Twelve (Mr. E) goes to visit his son and his wife, who are both actually alive, even though it is has been about 64 years since he last saw them. Only, the trouble is, the son is pissed at him because Mr. E was Jewish, but changed his name to Victor Jay, so as to fit in with the jetset crowd. Since his death, his wife changed her name back to Goldstein, and that's what her and her son are named now (she's basically a vegetable now, though).

Now okay, as an idea - not bad. It's pretty clever. I'm down with it. However, writer J. Michael Straczynski decides that the idea itself is just not dramatic enough - so instead, he has the son totally lose his shit on the father.


I get it - pretending not to be Jewish is messed up. Fair enough - but come on, Gentlemen's Agreement had not even come out yet! It was a wholly different era, so while certainly the son had a right to be pissed at the guy, him exploding like that just seemed like some lame over-the-top, overwrought melodrama.

I liked the rest of the issue, though (and I probably would recommend the issue as a whole - probably - Chris Weston and Garry Leach are awesome on the artwork) - but that scene just jumped out at me (in a bad way).

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