Boy angered, mom and store manager embarrassed by 'naughty' comic

In a breathless "Won't Somebody Think of the Children?"-style story that local TV stations usually reserve for sweeps period, Salt Lake City's ABC 4 News reports on a 10-year-old boy who was mistakenly given a "naughty" comic book for Easter.

The comic in question, a 23-year-old copy of DC's The Spectre #9, had been included in a sealed pack of out-of-print comics bought by his mother at a local Dollar Tree store. The issue, by Doug Moench and Gray Morrow, features a naked woman on the first page -- even though the wrapper of the "Superhero Comic Book Spectacular" in which it was included states that the titles "are family friendly and will bring hours of enjoyable reading."

"Hours of enjoyable reading"? Possibly. "Family friendly"? Linda Hurst, the mother who purchased the packet for her son's Easter basket, didn't think so.

So what did she do? Call the Dollar Tree to warn the store about the mix-up and perhaps get a refund? No, no, no. She contacted the local TV news station so reporter Annie Cutler could confront the store manager Tiffany Miller on camera. Gotcha, Tiffany!

Miller removed the remaining "Superhero Comic Book Spectacular" packages and said she would contact her district manager.

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