Box Brown adds a stretch goal to Retrofit Comics

The business model of Box Brown's Retrofit Comics is old school all the way: He's doing print editions, on paper and everything, of indie comics and selling them individually and by subscription. But he added a new twist this week when he announced on the Retrofit Tumblr that if the number of subscriptions reaches 130 (it was at 122 that day) by this Friday,  every subscriber will get a two-color riso print (in full below). I find the concept of stretch goals fascinating, as they allow some customers to benefit from decisions made by others — I thought this was a good deal, so I subscribed, and now that a bunch of other people have subscribed as well, I get a free print.

A look at the subscription details reveals that Retrofit is even more Kickstarter-ish than I thought — it's actually publishing digital versions of the comics, but they are available only through the Retrofit store and only during the subscription period. I don't generally think too highly of limiting digital comics as if they were made of paper and ink, but I guess this is a way of encouraging early investors. And there are stickers, too!

Check out the Tumblr for some samples of what to expect in this year's batch. Retrofit has a nice array of talented creators, and the comics are lovingly produced, so if you like the feel of a fine paper comic in your hands, this is the place to be.

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