Bourne Director to Adapt Bendis & Andreyko's Torso


Brian Michael Bendis ("Ultimate Spider-Man") and Marc Andreyko's ("Batwoman") comic book "Torso" is heading to the big screen as "Ness" from director Paul Greengrass ("Jason Bourne") and Paramount Pictures (via Variety).

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The screenplay was written by Brian Helgeland ("L.A. Confidential") and will be produced by Greengrass, Greg Goodman, John Davis, and John Fox from Davis Entertainment in conjunction with Circle of Confusion's David Engel. Bendis and Andreyko will have executive producer credits; no actors are currently attached to the project.

Originally published by Image Comics in 1998 and later re-released through Marvel Comics’ creator-owned Icon imprint, “Torso” was written and drawn by Bendis and co-written by Andreyko. The series explores a serial killer in Depression-era Cleveland who leaves carved up, limbless torsos as his calling card. Bendis and Andreyko’s protagonist is American Prohibition agent Eliot Ness, who's fresh off bringing down notorious gangster Al Capone. The Torso case pushes Ness to the limit and proves to the character that some evil transcends order and reason.

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This is not the first time Hollywood has flirted with the project -- other names that have circled the project include David Fincher and David Lowery.

"Ness" hasn't been given a release date.

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