<i>Bourne Legacy</i> Poised to Break the Bat At Weekend Box Office

It's the kind of question discussed among friends: Who'd win in a fight, Batman or Bourne? That will be put to the test at the box office this weekend as Universal's The Bourne Legacy debuts against the reigning champ The Dark Knight Rises. Although the final chapter in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy has held the top spot since its July 20 premiere, industry websites like The Wrap think the new Bourne movie might dethrone the Caped Crusader.

Legacy, which stars Jeremy Renner as Alex Cross, is expected to make about $35 million, with the Warner Bros. comedy The Campaign grossing $25 million, the marriage comedy Hope Springs $19 million and The Dark Knight Rises $18 million. Legacy hasn't gotten glowing reviews, but the aggressive ad campaign, combined with Renner's rising star and the Bourne franchise's track record, might help the film.

The weekend is expected to get a boost from the end of the Olympics, diminishing post-Aurora fears and a series of films that have the potential to pull in a larger audience.

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