Both Covers of "X-Men Deadly Genesis #1" Sell Out

Both versions of "X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1" have sold out at Diamond as Decimation continues to ravage the Marvel Universe. The Marc Silvestri "Giant-Size X-Men #1" homage cover and the Joe Quesada villain variant have both sold out of significant overprintings.

Marvel is going back to press immediately on "X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1," a shocking combination of horror and super-heroics by Wizard Top Ten Creators Ed Brubaker and Trevor Hairsine. The all-new variant cover will be penciled by Hairsine and feature a very menacing Wolverine, as seen in the sketch provided.

"I couldn't be more overwhelmed, honestly," said writer Ed Brubaker. "To get the chance to write such a big project for Marvel in the first place was so out of this world, but to have the first issue of my highest selling project ever sell-out right away like this, it's almost more than I can wrap my head around. I'm... I'm tempted to go to Disneyland.

But I have too many deadlines."

Fans and critics alike have been heaping tons of praise on the first issue of this X-Men ghost-story/mystery.

"With dead-on writing and locked-in art, X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1 is one of Decimation's must-reads," said Dexter K. Flowers of Brokenfrontier.com.

"Take Brubaker's strong opening chapter combined with the amazing art of Trevor Hairsine, and this issue has a real blockbuster feel to it," said Comicfanatic.com.

Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada is already heralding the series as an "instant classic" and it is sure to be mentioned in the same breath as the plethora of classic X-Men tales. X-Men: Deadly Genesis is going to rock the foundation of the X-Men Universe for years to come so don't miss out on the second offering of this bone-chilling first issue.

X-MEN: DEADLY GENESIS #1 (of 6) Second Printing Variant (OCT058077)

Written by ED BRUBAKER

Pencils and All-New Cover by TREVOR HAIRSINE


FOC – 10/27/05, On Sale – 11/16/2005

Still available


Art by Marc Silvestri


Copies of the Silvestri and Quesada covers may still be available at comic shops.

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