BOSTON: News & Notes from Wizard World

Outside of the panel discussions at Wizard World Boston Friday afternoon, CBR News caught up with a number of creators who filled us in on some upcoming projects.

  • According to Tim Sale, issue #26 of DC's "Superman/Batman" will be a tribute to Jeph Loeb's son, Sam Loeb, who passed away June 17th at the age of 17 after a three year battle with cancer. The story is one Sam Loeb wrote himself. The issue itself will be a jam issue, with many artists illustrating the story. Tim Sale's contribution will be a six-page story written by Jeph Loeb called "Sam's Story.
  • Tommy Lee Edwards reports that he and his "The Question" co-collaborator Rick Veitch will be working on a Daredevil one-shot for Marvel, "What if: Daredevil," that comes out this December.

  • Paolo Rivera's next project for Marvel will be "X-Men Mythos," which will feature fully painted artwork by Rivera. The writing chores will be taken up by Paul Jenkins. The "X-Men Mythos" series will be followed by a "Hulk Mythos" series and a "Ghost Rider Mythos" series.

Plus, we have a handful of small press tidbits as filed by CBR Guest Contributor Matt Murphy.

  • Officials at the Jetpack Press booth at Wizard World Boston Friday said they recently got the OK from Erik Larsen to use his "Savage Dragon" in an upcoming story of their flagship book "Johnny Raygun."
  • CBR News spoke with the folks at Silent Devil Productions at Wizard World Boston Friday about some of their upcoming plans. Creators Christian Beranek and Chris Merano announced that a follow-up to their critically-acclaimed "Dracula vs. King Arthur" will be written by Jim Krueger ("Earth X," "Justice").

    "Jim pitched us the idea last year," Beranek told CBR News, "We had to keep our mouths shut for a while, because that's a pretty big deal for a small company like us to get somebody of that calibur on board."

    The follow-up, entitled "Dracula vs. Capone," will be out sometime in 2006. Merano will once again supply the artwork for the tale.


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