Boston Comic Con 2016: Cosplay Edition

Here’s a quick highlight on Boston Comic Con 2016’s cosplay scene as encountered this past Friday and Saturday.  There were so many con-goers in remarkable costumes, but only so much space and time to take photos.

While the convention did have cosplay-specific guests such as Ivy Doomkitty and Spock Vegas, I find I always prefer to wander the con floor and allow myself to be surprised by the costumes and characters that visitors choose to represent.  Below are my personal favorites.

The best thing about this Constantine was his voice and accent--he was very much in character.  I could barely understand a word he was saying, which I think is just about right.  You can see more of Geoffrey's cosplay on his Instagram.

I was a little concerned about Hawkguy accidentally taking me out with his arrow, but I should have given him more credit as the skilled archer he is.  Kate Bishop was also with him, but I somehow missed her photo.  Check out more of Ben's cosplay on Life of Reilly.

Ivy and Batwoman are great characters, but they're even better in Bombshell form.  Nice work, ladies!

I have no idea how anyone can walk around the floor all day in this costume, carrying this burdensome-looking prop, in the insane heat of the convention center without looking haggard, but here you go.  Major, major kudos.  I most certainly would have fainted and/or snagged the flag on something and wreaked havoc everywhere I went.  Instead, she was the picture of grace.  Amazing stuff.  Also, look at that awesome bag!

I first saw this gentleman from behind and thought to myself "That could totally be Calvin."  Lo and behold, he turned around and I saw he was holding Hobbes.  So simple, yet so effective.  Besides--what's a comic book show without Calvin & Hobbes?

I saw a few Kylo Rens over the weekend; this one was my favorite.  Nicely done.

These guys had everyone laughing.  The funny costumes are always the most memorable ones.

Anime characters come in a small quantity at this show; I loved Asuna in the first season of Sword Art Online, so I had to stop her.

Almost missed these two; they walked by me and I basically chased after them, yelling "HEY, KAMALA!"  Having Captain Marvel beside her was a bonus.

Officer Hopps!  I saw her early in the day and couldn't stop for a photo because of the crowd, but then I ran into her again and couldn't let her go.  It's the small details in this cosplay that really makes it great--the carrot pen, the fox spray.  Utter brilliance.

She-Hulks (as well as regular ol' Hulks) always impress me, because body paint.  That stuff has to be annoying, and it must get everywhere, and surely you'd have to re-apply?  This Shulkie made it look easy.  You could even say she was ... Sensational (heh).  Visit Vault Belle Cosplay for more.

I don't think I need to even comment on this one--just behold the glory.

Not pictured here, to my extreme misfortune, is the marvelous Holtzmann cosplayer I saw and this joyful Baby Groot.

Be sure to check CSBG again later in the week as I talk about meeting creators and carving out yet another unforgettable experience at BCC!



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