BOSTON: Bob Wayne Talks What's To Come from Vertigo & Wildstorm

Sunday afternoon at Wizard World Boston, DC Comics' VP of Sales Bob Wayne hosted a panel that gave some details on the future of the Wildstorm and Vertigo imprints at the publisher. Here's a run down from the presentation and Q&A that followed.

  • There are definite plans for the Authority after "The Magnificent Kevin."
  • Andy Diggle's "The Losers" will be ending at issue 32. According to Wayne, thanks to the recent movie deal with Paramount, however, the series could see a second volume in a year or two. In speaking with series writer Andy Diggle Monday morning, he told CBR News, "There's the vague possibility of some kind of follow-up, but it's more likely to be the occasional short mini than another ongoing."
  • Alan Moore's "V for Vendetta" will be getting a hardcover edition with new content. "[The hardcover] will include an eight page section of early sketches by David Lloyd," Wayne said.
  • January's "Hellblazer #216" will feature a new creative team.
  • Eisner Award winner Eric Powell ("The Goon") will be doing covers starting at issue 23, where Swamp Thing's god-like elemental powers return in full.
  • Issue 41 of Brian K. Vaughan's "Y: The Last Man" will feature the origin of Agent 355, and reveal secrets of the Kulper Ring.
  • Grant Morrison and Jim Lee's "WILDCATS" could be out "as early as next summer," said Wayne.
  • Bill Willingham is working on an original "Fables" graphic novel. It is expected to be released in 2006.
  • One fan asked about DC's future with Alan Moore. "We're always trying to put out the best comic books we can, and working with the best people that do comic book stuff," Wayne said. "As long as that's the case, we'll always be willing to work with Alan Moore in any capacity Alan wants to be involved."
  • There are definitely plans for more from the America's Best Comics imprint. "The 'ABC: A-Z' will take a major part in the 2005, 2006 ABC stuff," said Wayne.
  • One fan brought up the future of Warren Ellis and John Cassaday's "Planetary." "We're hoping to have more issues of "Planetary" next year… and we hope to be able to publish them one-two-three-four in a row and wrap up the series," said Wayne.
  • When asked if he knew anything about a possible movie starring Neil Gaiman's Death, Wayne responded, "Yes. Next question!"
  • One fan asked if sales on the "Sandman Mystery Theater" collections were good enough to merit further books. "I think... hopefully," Wayne said. "They're not as strong as we had hoped, but I believe we are going to do at least one more [SMT series]."
  • There is a good possibility for another low price point introductory book along the lines of "Vertigo First Taste" and "Vertigo First Offenses." "If ['First Offenses'] does well, and continues to bring in readers, we're probably going to have a third one," said Wayne. "We've already got an idea as to what we would put into the third one."
  • After Mike Carey's "Lucifer" ends at issue 75 (see CBR's article for further details), there are no further plans for an ongoing book in the Sandman Universe.
  • The Q&A was later turned to the audience when Wayne asked if there were any Vertigo books that they would like to see in collections. He said he would look into an "Absolute Preacher" and talk to Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. "Even seeing 'Preacher' in hardcover at some point is something we could look at," Wayne added.

  • In response to another fan's question, Wayne asked the audience if they would like to see an entire reprinting of "Hellblazer." The crowd responded with about a seventy-five percent yes. "I'll definitely pass that along," said Wayne.

  • Stan Lee is currently working on a new project.
  • As previously revealed at this year's Comic-Con International in Sand Diego, a new "Deadman" series will be published at Vertigo by Bruce Jones, but it won't star Boston Brand, leaving him open for future projects.
  • While "Hard Time Season Two" is slated to come out in December, there is not going to be another DC Focus line.
  • DC has "concluded its relationship with 2000AD."

  • There are no plans for Tim Hunter after "The Books of Magic: Life During Wartime."

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